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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.


Here at Thornhill Academy, we believe that drama is not just an extra-curricular activity, but a vital subject in allowing each student to develop both academically and socially. Drama provides students with a new and interesting way of learning, making it accessible to all. As well as giving them a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Thus, focusing on the child as a whole, whilst still stretching and challenging them to reach their true potential.

Key Stage 3

The student journey begins with pupils exploring the importance of developing vital social skills and the ability to be able to collaborate with others. Making clear links across subjects and to wider life. Through a spiralled curriculum, students continue to recap and develop these key life skills, as well as key academic concepts which are presented repeatedly throughout the curriculum in an engaging manner. Topics covered in drama include:

  • Ancient Greek Theatre (Oedipus)– Students get to explore the origins of drama and make clear links to how staging and technical elements have changed through time. Students will not only have the opportunity to create their own amphitheatre, but also collaborate as a team to bring a play to life.
  • Shakespeare- Students can often struggle with the language presented in classical work. Within this scheme, we practically explore the opening scenes of some of Shakespeare’s plays. Looking at the language used for different characters and how we can stage a scene, making it accessible for all. In addition to this, students learn the art of stage combat! This is vital as it not only ensures students can present conflict in a safe manner, but also emphasises the importance of trust and teamwork.
  • Devising – In each year group, students will get to devise their own performance using a range of stimulus provided by their class teacher. This will provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt throughout the year and take full ownership of their work. In addition to this, each year group's theme allows them to explore either themselves, the society we live in, or the issues faced in school e.g bullying, identity or politics.

Key Stage 4

For students who have opted to continue their studies of Drama here at Thornhill Academy, they will continue to develop and refine their craft following the AQA GCSE specification and be fully supported by a qualified drama teacher.

During their time on the course, students will practically explore the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell in preparation for their written exam. Looking at how the play can be staged and the roles in which bring the design elements together. In addition to this, students will also have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate a piece of live theatre! This aspect of the course is worth 40% of students GCSE.

For the practical examinations, students will perform 2 extracts from a play chosen by their class teacher. This will ensure that the play is appropriate for the students individual needs, but also stretch and challenges them. This is worth 20% of students GCSE and is marked by an external examiner in Y11.

Finally, students will devise a performance of their own using a range of stimuli! For this aspect of the course students are to take responsibility of their final performance, with their class teacher providing suitable workshops to guide them. This is worth 40% of GCSE and is accompanied by a written log which explains how they generated, developed, and refined their ideas, as well as evaluating their final product.

Curriculum Support

Please find below all the support documents you need for Drama.