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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Assessment and Reporting

Progress reports will be sent to parents twice during each academic year after our Key Assessment windows where performance information is gathered to support teachers in making holistic judgements about our student progress.  

During the course of the academic year, successive reports will build upon one another to provide an overview of progress from one reporting period to the next. In this way, parents/carers will have a clear understanding of those subjects where good progress is being made, as well as those in which this is not the case. Specific information for each Key Stage can be found below. 

In addition to academic progress, we also report on: 

  • Attendance 

  • Attitudes to Learning 

  • Behaviour for Learning 

  • Homework and Independent Learning 

The criteria for this can be found via the link below. 

As well as reports, we offer a parents’ evening per year group to provide opportunities for parents to make direct contact with subject teachers in order to discuss progress. There is clear link between student progress and parents’ direct contact with the academy on such occasions. 

We would also encourage parents to communicate with teachers via email or Class Charts where questions or concerns may arise regarding progress so that we can all work together to support our students to achieve their very best. 

Key Stage 3 Reporting

At Key Stage 3, teachers make judgements on the expected progress for each student in each subject area based upon the curriculum covered so far. This judgement is based on each students’ prior attainment expectations from Key Stage 2, therefore the judgement is specific to each child rather than the cohort as a whole. Teachers will report on students performing as: 

  • Below expectations 

  • Meeting expectations 

  • Above expectations 

Key Stage 3 formal assessments will be completed in classrooms under test conditions and class teachers will ensure that the date of these is clearly communicated to students. Teachers will also ensure that appropriate lesson time and homework time is used to support students' preparation. 

These assessments are an opportunity for students to show what they know and information gathered from the assessments will be used by teachers to support planning and future learning. We expect all students to engage in these assessments in the sensible and mature manner we know they are capable of. We ask that students follow the guidance and support from their teachers and aim to do their very best. 

Key Stage 4 Reporting

At Key Stage 4, teachers make judgements on the attainment for each student in each subject area based upon the curriculum covered so far. Teachers will report on students' performance as a GCSE grade (or equivalent) for each qualification studied. This can be compared against each students’ Target Grade so that you can see whether students are on track to achieve this by the end of their course.  

Key Assessments at Key Stage 4 are more formal and often take place in exam rooms to support student in preparing for their final GCSE exams. There is greater expectation on students to prepare for these assessments though revision and independent study. Whilst this will be guided by teachers and tutors, support for students and parents can be found on our website via the links below: